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I started this blog quite selfishly and yet not.
I had just become a new mum and I needed a space to air out my thoughts.
I’ve never doubted the strength of Womankind but I never could have imagined how motherhood could be challenging and wonderful in its unique way.
There were just so many things that we never talk about or shared… from stretchmarks, to morning sickness, or attachments and hair loss...
I felt like i entered a brand new space where I was expected to know exactly what to do..when really I hadn’t a clue
I decided to blog as therapy, and so I happily receive your comments of support and understanding, annoyance and mockery.
It’s all welcome!
Thank you for joining me on this journey with me, and more importantly do share it with a woman you know.
I recently decided to write childrens books with a particular focus on increasing representation in books.
I would like to play my part building up the self esteem of a new generation of children.
Thanks for Reading!


Role Models

Since I decided to write children’s books, I’ve had a lot of conversations around the importance of role models. It seems people are not so quite convinced that role models can have that much of an impact in someone’s life. Surely hard work, and access to opportunities should be enough?

I have also done quite a lot of research on youth motivation and aspirations (in my professional life ) and despite everything that researchers have found it is clear to me that the results don’t translate into everyday life.  We still ignore the psychosocial barriers around an individuals life and wellbeing..
I recently attended a Think Big Lecture and had the pleasure to listen to a discussion between Barakat Ghebrehawariat and Suad Ali.  Suad is quite the inspiration and as I sat there listening I couldn’t help but see a million parallels between her career path and mine.
She was born in Somalia and came to Sweden as a refugee at a very young. Suad told us about her dream to work for the UN, to meet Kof…

Representing Culture - Disney's Coco

I was reminded of something this weekend when my kids and I watched Disneys Coco (for the 5th Time). Miguel and his family are set in Mexico, they eat, sleep, dress, speak in as authentic a way as Disney could produce. 
Some have even said that Coco is to Mexico what Black Panther is to the African diaspora lol.

The film centers around an extremely important Mexican celebration of Día de los Muertos : The day of the dead, literally.   To many of my 'mummy friends' the concept is a little too grim and quite a few kept their kids away from this film which centers around “the multi-day holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died, and help support their spiritual journey. ”  In Mexico like most of African communities family extends beyond the nuclear, that is to say your parents and siblings.  We have a multitude of 1st, 2nd, 3rd cousins, nieces aunties , grandparents, ...They are all active, present, ove…

Sibling Love

I am the middle child I have an older brother who is very close in age and a little brother who is 7 years younger. They are some of the closest human beings in my life. There have been extended periods of time where we each lived on three different continents , and still today the geography is quite complex. But we still talk every day, chit chat via messages during the day, watch football matches simultaneously commenting along the way. My big brother is my confidant, my best friend, career coach and dance partner. My little brother is my inspiration, also dance partner and in many ways considered my first child. Because I have such a strong sibling bond ( thanks to our amazing parents) I think about my kids and how they will grow together often. They are still very young and very close inage but I’ve noticed a wonderful closeness that literally makes my heart sing.
My son has probably 5 clear words and ‘lala’ as he used to call her has now become ‘Ella’ – her actual name whic…

Mbife, Whats in our Name?

Seinabo Sey is performing in Stockholm today! (I'm ridiculously excited!) If you haven’t heard her songs yet. Just. Do. It, find her on Spotify or iTunes or better yet watch her on YouTube.
I've always been a fan, since I discovered her a few years go, we've had her on rotation at home... she gives you those powerful lyrics, gorgeous melodies and inspiring videos that are totally fun for me and the kids to dance around the living room.  how does this all relate to my books, well here is the story...
I’ve already shared on my post  how the lack of diversity in our community impacted my then four year old daughter . My worry, and anxiety around that situation, coupled with microaggressions led me to a sad and lonely place without me realizing it.
I had the privilege of attending Seinabo Sey’s video pre.release event where she spoke about exactly these feelings I was having and how songs like 'Breathe' were born from the need to find that safe space where one can just be. th…

Hokus Pokus!

Igår fick vi dessa två presenter i posten!

Ella var direkt nyfiken så vi började läsa strax efter middagen.
Hemma talar vi 4; språk, engelska, svenska, wolof och franska. Ella föredrar böcker på engelska men på hennes nivå kan jag läsa böcker och bara översätta det själv när jag läser.
Läs nivån på dessa böcker var dock perfekt för henne, så vi läste den på svenska. Jag vet att hon älskade det för att hon bad mig att läsa den igen så snart det var klart och gick runt och sjung hokuspokus runt huset!
karaktärerna är underbara och fint. Ella gillade Noomis pappa och det faktum att han var så närvarande. Bildern av en stor, lång, pappa som borste hennes hår och bäddade ner henne sängen, läste en bok..., detta var något som var bekant för Ella Marie.
Berättelserna är baserade i scenario som är lätt för barnen att sätta sig i, skolan, lekplatsen, gruppaktiviteter.❤ Vi älskade huvudpersonens namn, Noomi💥, hennes modighet och självförtroende också!
Det är inte alltför ofta vi hittar och sv…

Summer 2018 - Let's Swim!

Summer 2018 record heatwaves in Sweden Our country is built for snow storms and subzero temperatures there are no AC units in our homes or proper air ventilation but what we do have is water there are splash pools in every neighborhood, lakes, ponds, beaches, in every direction
so, for me the answer was simple we are home for the summer for 4 weeks  so we head to the water to cool off with endless swimming.
Here is the thing though.. I am 34 and I still cannot swim.  I know that there is the stereotype that black people can’t swim, and I hate the fact that my existence reinforces it.
I’ve never been afraid of the water, my bigger cousins tell me the story of when I was little and they had to jump in  to rescue me from the pool because I told everyone I could swim and jumped fearlessly in.
I lived for 10years of my life a 15 min walk from the beaches in Banjul, and still nothing.