Jan 8, 2020

Year-End Reflections...

2019 was quite the year.

I pushed myself, (with a lot of support) from just blogging about books that I love, to actually writing a book that I love. 

So many people contributed to the birth of Mangoes and Monkeybread it still feels rather surreal! 

The book is the first of its kind, it brings to life some of our favorite fruits from the West Africa to life, through the brilliant art of Mathilda Rosen and photographs from Lena Nian.

Children in over 6 countries have joined us on this journey of discovery with over 200 book sales in just 5 months!

We have had readings in schools, in libraries, and even via video calls.

We were also extremely proud to have been featured by the Readers Inspired and Mum Life Stories . In both articles we were able to share a bit more about our story, what drives us and our vision for the future.

We are only just beginning on this journey to bring more inclusion and diversity to children's literature and we have lots of exciting plans ahead.

In 2020 I will be releasing french and wolof translations of Mangoes and Monkeybread and I have at least one more childrens book which will also be published.😉

I am so proud and grateful to supporters all over the world on this fantastic  journey with me.

Love Emily,

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Mangoes & Monkey Bread: A Mum Life Success Story.

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