Dealing with the knots!

Dear Diary,
Here is the thing we need to first acknolwedge the multitudes of hair types ( remember there are lots of in-between textures);

1.some are extremly kinky, that is very curly and hard to run your fingers through

courtesy of

2. some just have very tight curls

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3. larger very visible curls

4. big round curls

There is no hard and fast rule, every body has to try and test whats out there till we find what works just right for us. Whatever the type though, there is one thing we all have to do; DETANGLE!
I dreaded that after every single hair wash, the pulling and brushing and combing felt like every know was pulling out my hair scalp!
So here are a few tips that my mum used and that i now used to help minimize pain and simplify the process.
1. Leave in conditioner..
oh yes! this is magical for a child the "Just for Me- Leave in Conditioner" worked wonders. the trick is to put it on your hair right after the shampoo when your hair is still soaking wet and thenleave it for 5-10mins. Then use a large tooth comb to detangle, whilst hair is still wet and dripping in conditioner.

2. The Comb.
the comb used to detangle has to be the wide tooth kind, infact the wider the better. This kind worked best for me from birth till adulthood:

3. Partition
In order to detangle properly it is easier to partition the hair into four sections ..i just find that it helps when the hair is in smaller bits to comb through..

once youve done that, you can choose to rinse some of the conditioner off of just leave it as is..Afro or mixed afro hair styles tend to last for up to a week so you get the bonus of not having to fix it every morning.Whatever you decide make sure you do something with it, plaits, braids, in hair bands, just done leave the hair out to dry out naturally because then your knots will reappear before you can say, hello In order to style it is important that the hair is clean and oiled. growing up these are the products I used..all available on amazon by the way.

hair grease: Dax Hair Pommade & Olive oil lotion

once the hair is oiled try styling and see how you get on.

Have a look at a great simple article on the subject :

Thats it for today!

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