Barber Shop!

I have been thinking about our boys hair. It generally seems that for guys , neat hair is short hair, and i don't mean an neat tidy afro, i mean shaved all off. Any mini afro, twisted curls, long pony tails, dread locks is just not acceptable and are perceived as signs of being unkempt.
I personally like short shaved hair, in fact I like it a lot, just not all the time and I think its time we learn to re-love those curls on boys/men, take it back to the 70's :) when every guy was growing, greasing and picking out their hair with an afro comb!lol Okay I am generalizing but you know what I mean..Where I am from in West Africa , people don't hesitate to tell you your child needs a hair cut, an inch of hair is just unacceptable.
As a teacher I understand about hair lice and needing short clean hair and all that but seriously if I could create a movement for attitude change I would start right here.
Weekly trips to the Barber Shop with your sons is an important part of life but maybe they can wash, twist, curl,wave, briad and maybe even cut a little!
Will Smith's children are one of my hair icons for little ones : )//


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