SO I always thought pregnancy would be tough...
and indeed it was for me...
let me just run through a couple of memorable highlights...
For one, I, Miss efficient -can -do -anything-in -the world simply lost my brain!
No seriously, with pregnancy came memory loss, the amount of times I went to the store with no purse is too many to count...or even better, stand at the till and have no idea what my card pin code is..I don’t know what it is about pregnancy, but honestly I became ditzy! Literally...

In the first few months, there is also the need for sleep.
I could pass out anywhere, on the bus, in class, in the playground (bearing in mind I’m a teacher you can imagine, how great that was).
Add to that the fact that you’re not really allowed coffee through pregnancy, it just made for one great Mission Impossible.

Morning sickness is a con.
What it really is, is the need to throw up randomly throughout 9months at any point of time or place.
Mine were often triggered by the smell of a supermarket rarely in the morning ..:p

Random food cravings:
I did pretty good with that one... for about 2 weeks I ate only quiches but aside from that I was good.
I did however develop a little sweet tooth.
Before pregnancy I hated pastries and deserts of all sorts..
And trust me I’ve tried, living in Paris was desert heaven, but none of it was for me..
HOWEVER during pregnancy I started eating cookies and cakes and candy.. 

The little kicks and flutters in your ever expanding waist are also totally marvellous.
The rest was fine except my constant apprehension about the birth..
not just because you know, you need to push a little human being out.. But I’ve always had a fear of hospitals so my anxiety was irrational and rational all at once.
I psyched myself into it though and planned a lovely natural birth with as little as possible intervention and calmly awaited the due date.
And then suddenly, 2 weeks too early.. baby was delivered by c-section,
my first full on operation ever!!!
It was actually really fine and quick..
We felt the worst was over, our little girl was born absolutely perfect and gorgeous.
Just like that I now needed to share my husband’s heart with another girl
Just like that my entire world literally shifted into a new focus.
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  1. Keep the stories coming Mama, I'm loving this!
    Seriously though, I didn't want to burst your bubble. I thought "maybe it's just me finding it tough, if she wants to aim for two kids in two years, who am I to put her off?!" ;)
    LOOOL! Love ya! xxx


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