The Chronicles...Super Girl to Pregnancy

I am a focused person.
I've always known the direction I wanted to go in, and followed my goals with all the determination I could muster.
I'm well travelled and have gathered a world of experience.
All this to say it takes a lot to really throw me off balance and yet this year has been just that...a complete game changer!!!
I faced something that hit me with a cartoon like KAPOW! and nothing , no book, no one could have prepared me for this...

All my life I’ve kept the old school, book diaries and recently through my Facebook updates I’ve kept track of this whole journey, but I feel it’s time to join on the social media bandwagon and start blogging about it..
I hope only to share my experiences; I am no parenting guru or what not, just a mom who really is living something spectacular that deserves chronicling!
Oh yes, big words for such a big experience innit ..:p
So let me tell you about me,
..I love children, when I was about 8 I decided I was going to work with kids and I have, at university, after university, through my career and even on holidays I would volunteer to work with kids.
Recently I started working as a preschool teacher. So children are always and have always been around me. In 2012 I worked with toddler’s everyday! Some peoples nightmare, to me totally enjoyable and challenging in the best way possible...

So when I got pregnant in 2013, I was super excited but totally unafraid.
I was like... “yeah this is going to be great, I’ve been in training for this my whole life!!."
Also I have an amazing husband, the kind who supports you and cares, does housework, loves children, long walks and PDA :D.
together we felt like having this baby was truly going to be GRAND!
and we could do it..Easy breezy...
What I learnt 9 months later was a shocking and considering all the mummy’s I know, I can’t believe no one told me it was going to be like this... so here we go, I’m sharing our journey for your giggles and consideration. #mummydiaries #newmummy


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