The First Few Weeks

So the first things after super long cuddles...constant elation..tears of happiness..and a million attempt the all important breastfeeding. I knew some people needed support but , I mean everyone I’ve seen breastfeed they just do it like it’s the simplest most natural thing in the world! So I was kinda thinking I’ve had this baby and even had an operation so clearly the worse is over, now we just need to heal, recover get some sleep and go home..Be happy THE END lol Someone should have smacked me silly, the glorious challenge called motherhood was just beginning. Breastfeeding was something that I was and still am 100 percent committed to. I personally believe that it is important and preferable if possible to breastfeed so I was actually excited to nurture my baby in that way. Little did I know there was latching , cracked bleeding nipple, proper positioning and pain to consider!!! it probably took a month to get over the breastfeeding pains. Accomplishing that made me feel like a true champion I can tell you that! Somehow though, i felt like i totally ill prepared for breastfeeding..again, i wish someone had toldme that more often than not, it takes patience and perseverance to get it to 'work.' No one told me that babies do not just naturally breastfeed,my mistake for assuming. I’m telling you , it’s one of those things that took a while to get the hang of, but now it’s done… baby and mummy are happy campers! Another thing, I remember everyone telling me ,get as much sleep as you can but again , no one ever explained why!?!?! Well here is why …my baby needed to be woken every 2-3 hours for feeding..I almost never slept in-between those feeds so we were truly zombified… Zombified, is the term I coined to describe the low functioning happy state that I generally was in for those first couple of months.. What makes it even more insane is the myriad of feelings that surge ranging for nurturing to protectiveness around the baby. I may have been tired but nothing was more important that baby being comfortable, warm, fed and happy. And she was tiny , beautiful and just too amazing. When she yawned my heart would melt like butter each and every time. We never felt more joy in our lives as we did those first few weeks. Corny as it sounds those movie lines “ I would do anything for you” all started to ring true. just a little note : during these first few weeks its probably not wise to do as i did and make significant decisions like whether to move house or cut off 7 year old dread locks as these decisions may not be sound!! :p #mummydiaries #breastfeeding


  1. Wow thanks for sharing I had no idea, slightly raised my anxiety about having kids which was always there lol but also strangely raised my interest that I could be missing on something super amazing. Congrats again mummy!!:)


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