This food business..

So we exclusively breasted until baby girl was four months and then one day we were eating baguette sandwiches and she launched herself towards the bread with total determination.
l So we got the message and started her on solids,
that was when she was 4 months..
we ate the shop bought eko mashed baby food and fruit, well enough but never with much ‘gusto’.
Baby refused all porridge, baby formula, milk all the regular good stuff but she seemed to like the fancy stuff like salmon and beef etc..

I spent sooooooooooooooo much time making her mashed foods, cooking , pealing, pureeing.
Trust me, after all that effort, you feel like crying when baby purses her lips together with a determined no!

But you live and learn, after much experimenting..we have finally figured out our 7 month old,
she basically just doesn’t want baby food..
she wants , what we are having.. no matter how spicy the meal lol…
so I have progressed from purée duty to cooking mini meals, identical to ours but a little less this.. and a little less that and is working really well..
Her favourite ‘food’ is now chicken, and she especially loves sucking on the bones! Apparently sucking on chicken bones is good on sore gums from teething too..

She still eats my pureed fruit, so I’ve found shortcuts to make my life easier with those..
so for you mommas out there .. here is a quick fix for baby fruit puree
1. Buy smoothie fruit from your frozen foods counter
2. Add a couple of fresh fruit ..i often use pears or apples
3. Peel apple and pear..
4. Cut in little chunks , put in a pan with water and boil down till soft..
5. Mash it all up with a spoon and your done! :D
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