An Ode to Single Mamas

So many times during the last few months I've sat and wondered just how the single mommas do it all by themselves.
I have to admit i have the most loving, hands on husband ever.
After my cesarean i found myself barely able to walk,
zombified because of lack of sleep,
unable to turn to pick baby up by myself to put her on my breast..
i couldn't even dress myself without quite a bit of pain.  He stepped up. Without my husband I dont see how I would have suvived without desperation or sinking into some sort of post natal depression. 
Even when i got the hang of  things I couldn't wait for hubby to get home from work  so i could hand him the baby!
I think single mums must have some superpower of some sort.
They manage to have a baby,
work off the baby weight, Cook, clean house, attend appointments on time and basically raise a whole child AND they make it look easy because the ones i know never complain!       
so right here..right now ..i proclaim single mommas..super mamas :)
you all inspire me to juggle motherhood and wifehood better.

Ps -Single Papas you guys are beyond amazing too not to worry you will get own post soon, promise:)


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