Baby Milestones

I looked at my little girl today and she is 8 months old now..
her growth and development is remarkable and when I think back the following were major milestones for me!!!!
today we had one huge milestone, she had her first shopping related tantrum lol..
we saw some cute sunglasses for toddlers,
i put them on her,
we smiled in the mirror,
THEN i tried to take them off to put them back and she began screaming ,kicking her legs, throwing her head back and baiscially going alll crazy on me..
I couldnt help but laugh its sounded like the beginning of the end lol

7 months..
she grew an attitude..
she starting displaying anger when she didn’t get what she wanted..
and shouting/babbling instead of just crying to express herself.
She also learnt how to pretend to be sad so mummy could rush over and then flash me a brilliant smile..
another great one is clapping, all of a sudden just like that last night she looked at us and clapped her little hands !
and finally sounds..’Dada’..’Nana’ sure ‘mama’ is just around the corner lol

6 months..
loads of drool,
fever and pain led to two awesome little bottom teeth!And if that wasn’t major enough.. she started babbling..making loads of great sounding noises, only intelligible to other babies 6 months of age.

4 months..
she sat down unaided..
well with a little balance issue but still..
sitting hoorah.!
Super interested in grown folks food and extremely excitable

6weeks..she smile at us.
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