Body Issues

Another unexpected turn in motherhood has been body issues. I’ve never been skinny, I’m short and super curvy but I’ve always loved my curves and been extremely comfortable in my skin. I’ve known this skin and body for 29 years and I love it.. during pregnancy I didn’t do any fancy exercises but I did continue working to the end and by the 9th month, I had gained a little weight but nothing too major.. it had never even occurred to me that I would need to think about actively losing weight. Everything and everyone seemed to believe that once you breastfed, the weight literally fell off . I breastfed exclusively for almost 9 months now and the weight seems determined to stay. I have to say I had a c-section and I am not the gym type, I walk and eat healthy and that’s all I can honestly fit in right now. It is hard however for me to accept this new body and shape. I don’t know what to wear, how to dress, nothing fits and that’s been a challenge. Before delivery I thought I would have stretchmarks on my belly to remind of the beautiful moment when baby and I were one. I have not a single stretch mark on my belly , but I do have a pretty round belly that almost looks like I am still pregnant. I think image becomes very important after delivery, I’ve been so tired and focused about my gorgeous daughter that I as a person have taken a back seat..and for me looking frumpy often leads to feeling frumpy.. I saw this lovely short video the other day and I knew I had to share it as the author says “everyBODY is beautiful” its just about relearning how to love it or making the changes that fit in your life :D The video link Her website


  1. You still look gorgeous mummy.. Am sure your daughter will say the same if she could talk.


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