Ellas time is the best

Im from west africa so i understand lateness lol...
Gambian time is something between 3-5 hours late
so when i had my baby my midwife told me rather sympathetically that i should be 'flexible ' when making plans with a newborn.
She was totally right,
every time i would make plans to meet someone or be somewhere..
Ella would need to be changed at the last minute,
or poop,
or have a tantrum..
or need to eat..
it is just never ending.
I finally got the hang of things, and u know like most things in life, you get into a rountine, and give yourself a mental pat on the back.

the other day Ella reminding me just how much she is still the boss ..
i was trying to pack as were off on holiday soon,
and i had to try on each and every outfit due to baby weight, nothing fits anymore:(
..Ella just wasn't having it..
she was crying and kicking up a fuss.
so i rocked her to sleep then put her down and she woke right up.. we were at it for one whole hour..
so i gave up just sat on the bed and nursed her for 20 mins straight.
after that, she looked up totally drunk in love and milk and happily sat by herself playing and giggling to herself.
now that madame was satisfied ,
i was given the green light to continue my packing, except by that time all i wanted was a nap!


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