My journey choosing a baby carrier

One of the things that I’ve struggled a bit with was figuring out which baby carrier would work for me.. looking online doesn’t really help because they’re a million out there and I feel each carrier fits differently based on everyone’s body shape!.i am short and baby is rather tall like her papa so it was a bit tricky fitting her comfortably on my torso. The most popular, seemed to be the Baby Bjorn where I live in Sweden, but baby hated that and I felt like it restricted baby’s comfort and movement around her hips and thighs. This one however is daddy's favorite.  Maybe a height thing.. but it does have one benefit over the others: you can carry front facing on you chest as well as belly to belly as i call it :)
   The next one was the Moby Wrap.. ergonomically sound, comfortable, baby liked it, I liked it, my back didn’t hurt BUT its like 6 meters of fabric that you have to learn to tie and I just never learnt how to do it quickly without stressing and baby was more often than not screaming to be held at the same time. finally we got the Ergo carrier with the baby insert!! woohoo lightweight, comfortable for baby and mummy, quick to put on and take off even with wriggling , screaming baby. baby can be held both front facing me and on my back which she loves. I do wish it could carry her front facing too but I hear they are developing a carrier to fix this :) The ergo is the one I use 99percent of the time . Good around the house or on a day out. I have one last favourite from Mexico its called a rebozo. It’s basically a fabric sling with a ring..sooo easy to put on, baby can nurse in it and very comfy on the hip when doing stuff around the house and baby is being clingy, refusing to be put down. I use it day to day but only for short periods of time. Ella is only 8kg at 8and half months so not very heavy but still I cant have her in it for very long. nevertheless I do love it and recommend it .


And to finish of todays post, here is my gorgeous hubby with baby in the Ergo :D


  1. Keep sharing your experiences, I certainly enjoy reading it.

  2. I got the baby k'tan. I love it still with a 20month old! You can wear it in different ways but it is bought to fit the wearer, not the baby so while the right size for me, it's too small for 1.8m DH to use

  3. Nice baby carrier you have chosen for your kids. There are so many carrier have in the market but this one is awesome. Best think of this on is they way you carried it. Thanks for share this one with us.


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