Three in One

Been keeping a keen eye on babys hair texture and trying to figure it out in our ever changing Stockholm weather..
Now that she is 8 months I’m pretty sure she has three very distinct hair textures on that little head of hers.
Right at the back its dead straight and extremely the middle she has pure kinky hair, and on the top half of her head its lovely small very defined curls.
so for I’ve found that its easiest to detangle with a mixture of oil and water sprayed on every morning. then we slowly work a large tooth comb through till completely smooth. ..once that’s done i go through with a fine tooth comb to remove any particles that maybe in her hair. and were good to style! right now sitting still is still an issue so i do something quick..two little braids at the back and one puff at the top!


  1. Lovely! I've started putting cornrows in J's hair but sitting still is a definite challenge for him too! Friends all said they found a tv show their child would watch but J watches tv walking around! We FINALLY stumbled on something 2weeks ago and it makes such a difference. Now he'll only fuss a few times during and is easily persuaded to go back to concentrating. Persevere!


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