Breastfeed everywhere..anywhere..anytime! BF Proudly :)

Last weeks debacle about that graduate breastfeeding left me feeling a little underwhelmed with the general public.
I felt there should have been a pro -breastfeeding rally of somesort in support of this young woman! ☺..ok maybe a little extreme but  here are a few reasons why I felt so strongly about this.

For one she's doing the right thing! !!! There she is in the picture..graduate! Young! Black woman! ! Breastfeeding! ! Hellooo.. its the perfect picture of accomplishment.i say well done

I read the outrightly negative comments and the inbetween ones saying they're not against breastfeeding per-se but.. the photo could wait..why did it need to be on camera..well why not!?..i mean, just last week the world applauded Rihannas nudity dress and now we flinch from a thats actually being used for the best purpose in the world! 

It made me sad that women feel conflicted about this..unsure or even ashamed.. my earlier post "put some windex..i mean breastmilk on it" went through a couple of the genius reasons why breastfeeding is golden so i wont reiterate. But what does bother me as a mum is that a woman's body is exploited as a marketing tool sell fragrance or underwear .partially naked women are on tv..billboards..the internet everywhere and thats ok HOWEVER once we whip out a boob to breast feed it becomes controversial and open to debate.  Well thats just outrageous in my little Emilyland!
My body is mine and i will choose to breastfeed wherever and whenever baby desires it without comments from outsiders thank you.
Yesterday i was walking in downtown LA and my 9month old started to have a super tantrum demanding to i stood right there in the corner of the street and started to feed her. Once she was happy and settled suckling, i looked up and whoosh a camera on a crane zoomed by my head.  Only then did I notice the whole intersection was being filmed and an actress in a skin tight rubber suit was reciting her lines 2 meters away from me.  I hope we do show up in the background of some Universal Studios  movie breastfeeding ha! (i checked the logo on their vans) just goes to show the wonderful situations breastfeeding can lead to.

On a more serious note breastfeeding is hard and painful in the beginning. Mums are often super self conscious about doing it ..having to lift your shirt in public..risking someone seeing stretchmarks or belly that embarrasses you even further..i just feel the world should let us be..let us do this without your judgment or negativity.

To that effect i am starting my very own personal movement feel free to join  post a proud breastfeeding moment , hashtag and share.


  1. i agree with you, completely odd how the world sees things in such different ways! #WeekendBlogHop

  2. I totally agree...the world has simply gone crazy. what is natural has become the criticized, where as ppl showing up almost nude is celebrated as being the norm...smdh are mums supposed to starve their children now when they in public, or are they advocating that all mums should get a Rihanna dress, then they can breastfeed their kids

  3. Hi There! Thanks for sharing your post with #BFingDiaires. I totally agree with you, why are sexualised images of breast ok, when feeding ones aren't! I really hope you turn up in a universal movie too Zx

  4. I love how in all 3 pics E has not moved an inch! "You can do what you like mummy but I'm eating, I'll be with you in 20 minutes!" LOL!


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