Hold Me Tight 'HMT'

I'm about to reveal another mummy secret that I really think every momma should be told BEFORE delivery at the very latest.

Aparently once you've delivered you should wear a 'shaper kinder belt thing' to hold your belly in and help everything go back to its orginal place.  Aparently if you do it immediately after delivery you most likelt will get a flat tummy.ESPECIALLY if you've had a C-section!!! 

I didnt know this was a rule! ! I have one friend who told me this but I didnt take it as anything too crucial to remember. I had to have a planned cesarean so the idea of tying my belly was a big no no.  Once the morphine from the operation wears off ..trust me the pain is real and the soreness ..unbelievable, except for those moments when you're entirely still, holding baby..during those moments you're in heaven and nothing else matters!

So apart from the pain..aparently after the operation your belly is full of gas and that took like a week to go down. .I literally looked and felt pregnant still..honestly I had a perfectly painful bloated belly after delivery. .again the idea of strapping on a waist belt seemed like an impossibility not that I was even considering it

Now a couple of months later my baby belly is still around refusing to budge and I cannot help but notice some mums dont have one, whether they work out or not, breastfeed or not! . Seems good old genetics and body metabolism has a role to play too.
9 months after delivery this baby belly makes me look approximately 5 months pregnant all the time and its just frustrating and embarrassing.  So ive turned to the waist shapers again.
Here is what ive learnt

1. they cost a bomb! The good ones are no less than 30$ and go up to 150$
2. There are a million styles..
3. The sales people all swear that they make you loose weight

So I tried one on and they are pretty uncomfortable thats to be expected .BUT my belly is definitely tucked away!! (See pictures). I just  started wearing it this week so I will update you guys if I notice weight loss. I have to mention that everyone has now told me im wearing it late in the game..I should have been doing this months ago but I didnt know  and frankly my appearance was the last thing on my mind up until a few weeks ago:(.
Based of how they feel I have baptised my shapers "hold me tight ,HMT" lol, cause it feels like a constant tight hug around your tummy.
I must say that knowing that my belly is not sticking out makes me feel much much much much more comfortable and even beautiful! Hooray!!

These are the two  styles ive chosen. The full body I wear for fancy dresses or nights out (those are rather rare). The waist one im trying to wear all day. Sales ladies say I should wear it at least 4 hours a day to see an effect. .

So ladies get yourself a 'hold me tight' BEFORE delivery if possible or as soon as you deliver and attempt to put it on as soon as you feel you can.


  1. I agree! Especially in the last photos. I was like you, couldn't even contemplate wearing one (mum gave me one & Nat's aunt told me to wrap my tummy but I didn't). I was lucky but now I'm putting the stress-loss weight back on the spanx (also courtesy of mummy) are out often lol!
    PS: You always look beautiful xxx


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