"....put some windex..i mean breastmilk on it!!! :)

I hope you guys watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding before..well in the movie the dad sprays windex on anything. .its the magic remedy for burns, pimples. Everything !!
Turns out breastmilk is pretty much liquid gold too!

Gold yes because the first few months it was yellow(not beautifully white like I thought). Apparently thats just the way it is..full of goodness and superstuff to give your baby  everything they need to grow and thrive at least for the first 6 months

Seemed to me that every time I would call our pediatrician about something her answer was always.. "Put some breastmilk on it!:
For example:

baby has excema due to overly dry skin
"Put some breastmilk on it"

Baby has a bad cold and her nose is blocked
"Put some some breastmilk in her nose"

Baby has an infection
"Let her breastfeed"

Baby has diarrhea
"Let her breastfeed some more"

Breastmilk is apparently an antiseptic and has all the super nutrients for our little ones. I have always been a fan of breastfeeding but now i'm turning Activist lol:) so mamas don't you worry about breastfeeding anywhere and everywhere, just ignore the weird stares and know you are literally carrying and feeding your little one the.. best.. thing..EVER :D

Although I would love to end this post here, it just occurred to me that mums-to-be like me a while back, would have been slightly misled at this point.
The truth is the first time a baby latches on to breastfeed, and latches is just the fancy word to say the baby sucks on your nipple..well it hurts.
I didn't know or expect pain so that was a great big shocker for me. It really really hurts, and sometimes your breasts will get dry and crack. Lets just say it is not easy.
To me it was worth all the pain because of some of the reasons listed above and i am a Breastfeeding Believer!.
Also there are things that help sooth the pain and get baby to latch on properly so they get enough milk and your breast isn't being tortured.
1. Nipple Shields, they are little plastic nipple shaped things, you can buy and put over your breast , that really helped me with the pain and cracks
2. babys position can also affect how breastfeeding feels initially so try a few to find a comfortable one. The best for me was having babys nose parallel to mouth so baby is lying across your belly
3. Nipple Cream, there are loads available that you just put on and its soothing and cooling and helps your nipple heal faster .
4. Talk to someone (professional/friend/blogger/mums forum) who has breastfed, or talk to everyone you know who has breastfed, get tips and support or even just a hug makes it better.
The struggle for me subsided after about a month, and after that it was a pain-free and loving experience for us both..


  1. Meg Chil-GevorkyanJune 5, 2014 at 4:24 PM

    Once you have a baby, you come to the realization that the female body was designed for the purpose of childbearing. It is difficult to imagine yourself in this role because it is not seen in magazines or on popular tv shows. Motherhood is glamorized and there is nothing glamorous about nursing a newborn baby. it is painful, it is frustrating, it can feel like torture.... BUT it is one of the best things you can do for your baby. there is NO substitute for breast milk. Your baby bonds with you. They build a tough immune system. TO ALL THE SUPERMOMS OUT THERE, keep nursing your baby!

  2. Wow this brought back so many memories - some brilliant, some not so much. Here, we're told to put a leaf of Savoy cabbage on sore breasts to reduce pain and discomfort. You put the leaf in the deep freeze first so it's very cooling indeed. Have to remember to remove it or the composting effect isn't pretty !

  3. Haha fab post!
    Being pregnant with my 2nd, I'm hoping to be able to breastfeed this time, at least at the very beginning.
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  4. So glad you added the extra bit at the end - when I breastfed my daughter (who turned ten this week!) that first proper suck hurt every time, but then I felt the relaxing let down but. I thought for a long time that I must haver been doing something wrong, because people don't usually tell you those details!
    Thank you for sharing

  5. Thanks for reading and commenting!!i really appreciate knowing some of these things I blog about are indeed universally shared experiences :)


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