The importance of a Mother for a Mother

Being a mother has made me see my mum with new lenses, with renewed admiration and increased understanding.
I have a super know the kind that takes care of everything and everyone. Growing up she was our cook, teacher, plumber, electrician, counsellor, driver and everything else you could think of. Together with my dad they raised their children to dream big and follow those dreams wherever ..fearlessly. 
This philosophy has taken me pretty much around the world and I think growing up we naturally begin to take parental love for granted. I mean its always there..always constant.No matter how naughty ,annoying , pigheaded or difficult I am or was. My parents remain a constant source of truth and love. My mum often told me if you stink people will just move away or avoid you but I will never hesitate to tell you "child you stink! Go have a shower " lol :D
  Well having a baby made me get it..I get that my mum never needs privacy or space from us. I get that she is always available no matter the time or situation. I get that even at 30 she would always have me in her bed if I needed her. I now get it because the love that was born with my daughter is like nothing i've ever felt. Its all encompassing and makes you loose yourself. Being second place feels normal as long as my child is first. I can go without eating or showering or anything if baby needs something.  Her cries make my heart ache even when I know shes just being unreasonable.  When she approaches someone new i'm always worried that they may reject her and her hurt feelings, break my soul. Nothing is too much or too little. .with my baby I am unreasonable
Before motherhood you could set me like a scale or compass.. I rarely would choose sides and always tried to be understanding of everyone and everything. I was one of those naive people you meet who believe in equity, equality and world peace! Yes I said it!! peace..:D
Having a baby changed me. I have never ever fought in my life..not even with my  siblings but I know I would fight my babys' every battle.
Having a baby made me not only understand my mum it made me need her more. Who else can read me through a picture even when I'm miles away.

I realize I will never ever be able to love my mum how she loves me..just like my daughter's love wont match mine.  Must be human nature. I am certain though that I can only be the mum I am because of my mum. And being a mum made me a better daughter.

Je t'aime maman☺💙


  1. You are doing a good job switi!! I look forward to every post and I'm learning a lot!! Xx yascyn

  2. Wonderful post, well said! X


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