Blue Ivys Hair

I don’t keep up with celebrity news, but I was recently in LA where it seemed like there was very little other news!.. I read and watched over and over again, reports, articles, on newsfeeds, negative comments about Beyonce and Jay Z's little toddlers natural hair!.
It got me thinking for a while about something I have been meaning to blog about but never got around to.
Comments from the General public.. especially around our children’s' hair.
Somehow lately, it seemed we have given ourselves the right to comment about anything and everything, regardless. People tweet, facebook, blog, write articles about anything really and as a blogger I know how liberating it is to have a voice, however, like my mum and Thumper from Bambi say "if you cant say something nice, don't say nothing at all!."

This seems particularly pertinent when it comes to talking about other people’s children!

When my little girl was born, I had had dreadlocks for 7 years .On her first appointment with a midwife she was about 2 weeks old. I waddled my post caesarean self to the clinic and there met another mum in the waiting room. She stared at us for a little bit and when she was leaving she said
" your daughter has such gorgeous hair, unlike her mother"
You see this happened in Sweden but she spoke English to me so there was no misunderstanding. In my post morphine-no sleep state, I simply watched her leave, there were no words available right then to 'educate' this woman as a normal me would have lol!.

But anyway there you go , the hair comments had made me think.. and think again and soon after that I cut off my locks.
I didn’t cut them because of her, but I did cut them because I wanted my baby to see hair like hers in me, especially as we live in a place where she will stand out .

Now it’s been 10 months and I regret cutting my locks. I miss the simplicity and there is also the pretty obvious fact that like millions of other people with afro hair, we simply do not have the same type of hair. Just like I don't have my mother’s hair, my daughter does not have my hair.

Here is what hits home for me
1. The lady's comment probably hit harder as I was more vulnerable at the time feeling a fat, tired and unpretty, as you do those first few weeks. It is unacceptable to wrap a compliment in negative comment

2. Who gives us the right to comment!!!Hold it in, you never know how people will take it.

3. Children especially should be allowed to grow up free from judgement of that kind.

I often think of little Blue, who will grow up and see the media comments about her hair in a few years and just cut it all off! Who knows ???.. If we keep this up, we will give her a hair/body complex. I read a great article, finally saying it as it should be : Blue Ivy's Hair Sparks Ridiculous Change.Org Petition, And We're Disgusted
I am not naive, I know there are rude people out there but some comments make me wonder what we expect of the next generation. The internet has given us a voice, but that doesn’t mean all voices need to be heard. What do you guys think?


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