Working Mum

The other day I got an email from my LinkedIn account, asking me to congratulate a friend on thier new role. It seems like i'm getting that request almost weekly.
As Im in my 30s now it seems totally normal that the people circles around me are growing and progressing career wise.Its pretty awesome to see, the same people who shared picnic benches with me in high school, or club nights at uni are now big shots, managers, leaders and entrepreneurs in thier various fields.

I have to say I am a very career oriented person. Sometimes I feel like I should be saying ' I was a very career oriented person '. the duality of my feelings around everyday situations because i am now a mother confuses me regularly.

I am trying to ready myself to go back to work in September after a luxuriously long 1 year paid maternity leave (thanks to the wonderful Swedish government) I am still unsure how I feel about it all.
One the one hand , i am ready for that daily interaction with adults, for new mental challenges and baby-free lunch breaks :) on the other hand I am not ready for all that time away from my gorgeous girl. As a result i am inclined to negotiate shorter working hours, to NOT look for trainings or promotions that may result in me working longer hours which in turn means less mummy time.

When I looked at things ernestly, I realised I only want to pursue my career properly if I could be cloned so that no mummy time is lost!
Sadly we are not there yet scientifically so I just don't know how i am going to tackle this. I need the fullfilment I love from working but my heart is not quite ready for the realities of being a working mum.


  1. It's tough, but it works out. For me, going back to work meant feeling once more like I knew what I was doing, haha! Taking care of J consisted mainly of guess-work. Having protocols to adhere to once more was bliss!!


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