The end of an era.. well almost

It is finally time.
Ella is 11 months. .shes independent and loves solid food. Last week she even put her food in a spoon and popped the spoon in her mouth!
My baby is a baby no more
With all this regular food taking precedence my milk supply is dwindling and well im feeling ready for breastfeeding to be over.

I wont say she doesn't need it anymore. .its more that its function has changed . Lately we breastfeeding less for nutrition and more  for bonding.
She will breastfeed if really upset to soothe herself or nurse to sleep..but even that is becoming problematic.  Some nights she wakes 3/4times  to breastfeed. Basically i have become a living breathing pacifier as she's refused to take one from birth!

I should be returning to work in a month so it feels even more important to me that she doesn't need me in that way.

Seems to me quitting is going to be just as hard as starting was! Ive tried to reduce feeds especially at night and that has led to inceased pitchy screams ! Aie..

I dont know how long it will take for her to be 100% this rate could be a week or a month!


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