What I wish I knew..

My little one is almost a year old! I simply cannot believe it. That means I have been a parent for a year! And survived :D..lol

Ive been thinking of all the things I’ve learnt and all the things I wish I had known BEFORE I became a mummy. Ive talked about this with some mummy friends and on one of my favorite FB mummy groups there was recently a discussion around this too… there are so many myths and mysteries about being a first time mummy perhaps a mummy fact sheet should be handed out to everyone at the same time your first ultrasound.
Well here goes., below are the ramblings of a first mama on what I wish I knew before embarking on the most wonderful journey ever.

1. The First few weeks
The first few weeks are insane.holding my baby for the first time is magical. The arrival of a little one is generally life altering in the best possible way. And then we get home from the hospital and it gets real. Baby may needs to eat every 3 hours for instance and Baby needs you every single moment. Its terrifying and exhausting and I guess I wasn’t ready for that.

2. Bleeding,
now I know you’re automatically thinking oh, the operation or delivery or something along those lines but you’re all wrong. AFTER you have your wonderful baby you have what seems to be an incessant period which honestly regular pads couldn’t cover. Seems like most mummys I know needed the super maxi pads to get through the first few weeks

3. Emotional roller coasters
Please don’t under estimate this. After baby arrives your hormones basically decide to mess with you and leave you euphoric, scared, insecure, giggly at times going through all of those within one hour. It can be unnerving to have the greatest little baby in your arms and feel terribly sad, don’t worry its totally normal. Depression can also creep in, so try as best as you can to talk to someone and accept help.

4. Prunes are you friends :D
Seems for mummys that had a c section like me and natural birth all felt the about same thing. The anesthesia for the operation stops everything..I mean everything, when you wake up youe insides wake up even slower and doing a number 2 becomes the greatest challenge of ALL time. Plus, you’re awesomely sore down in your lady bits any way, so you don’t want to be applying extra pressure..so, laxitives and Prunes, go for it at will, you might end up swiging the liquid ones by the end of day one.

5. Invest in ONE good baby carrier
I know this is not always possible but I’ve ended up with 4 baby carriers and one was all I needed. Try to visit other mommas and see how it fits, try it on in store and basically what worked for me was the carrier that’s light, ergonomically sound, allows me to carry baby on my chest , on my back and hip without too much effort. The Ergo worked for me and I would totally recommend it

6. Breastfeeding; the journey
If you’ve been following my blog you know this is a biggie. My experience is mine but I’ve spoken to a few mums and its important that someone tells you it can hurt like hell!..some clearly don’t have such a rough time, but I had bleeding and crack nipples, struggles with baby latching etc etc etc..best to read up and expect to have to work at it because at the end its totally worth it.
Ps- Lansinoh is an awesome nipple cream, paired with nipple shields you’ll be prepared to face the challenge.

7. Get a baby thermometer
I know it’s a bit weird but you’re rather jumpy the first weeks and always afraid baby is ill, not breathing or not eating ..and taking the temperature easily calms mummys nerves and reassures that baby is generally perfectly fine.

8. Beware of colic.
Almost all babies suffer from this gassy hell called colic and although there are many treatments, and you have to find the one that suits you best. Its something that is best prepared for. Babies can cry for hours and hours and no Dr will take you in because ‘its just colic and it will pass’. Honestly after 12 sleepless nights you loose your mind so read up, look up massaging techniques and medication that seems to work well for other mums.

9. Feed Mummy
Once baby arrives parents forget that they will need to eat, nor will they seem to have the time to cook or shop for grocerys .So you can befriend an awesome takeout place or cook lots of meals, freeze and just reheat as needed.

10. Feeling fat
99.9percent of people believe breastfeeding will automatically help you shed the baby fat. Truth is it does for some people and not for others. And adjusting to the new you, body shape and weight can be hard. Be prepared , every mummy and baby class you attend will feel a little like the first day of class as you compare your belly to thiers. I personally gained huge amounts of weight after I delivered, then invested in a belly belt which helped and now that I’m stopping breastfeeding I’m loosing weight (without diet or exercise,go figure!)

11. Hairloss
Seriously , our hair falls out a bit or a lot thanks to hormones, so no fear it will grow back.

12. Remembering that there are two parents in this whole situation
I think it was the hormones but I often felt the pressure to be an all round super mummy even when daddy was right there to help. There is a little person now pretty much consistently between you and your husband. This can cause friction or distance and frustration. Be prepared to be patient and remember that this is a unique situation and the first few months are the toughest.
A dad told me once that in their prenatal class, they were told that 50percent of the couples will divorce by the babys first birthday!.TERRIFYING

13. This too shall pass
This should be every mothers motto, seriously.. sleepless nights, painful breasts, toddler tantrums, colic, tired arms, everything. So do whats best for you and your family, And that’s the best you can do


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