One year

Somehow a year has gone by.
My baby is 1 shes  a total cheeky monkey who giggles a lot..she chats and has tantrums..she still wont sleep straight through the night or be brave enough to walk but she will kiss you good by and pat you on the back when you hug her.
She is a natural dancer and i am amazed by the person who is growing infront of our eyes.

As I see her grow and change i think about myself. Through all the challenges and developments over the year i have been told constantly by family and friends that everything will return to normal again soon. That i will find my old self old energy. .my focus and my life as it was again.
Considering all her growth over this year..i feel comfortable in my growth. Ive decided to stop looking back at the Emily i used to be ...the dancer. .the impulsive one..the traveller..The girl i used to be.  Instead im discovering a new Me.
I know through my conversations with other mummys that this is not the same for everyone but for me its clear.
I grew with my lil one without knowing it; ive planted my feet firmly on the ground. .travelling  so often is now implausible, i want to be at home. I have become  rounder with bits that tired but happier than ever, im more anxious in certain situations but hey thats normal i finally have something i would give all not to loose. That 100 percent confident me is replaced by a more cautious calmer and need makeup more often lol im grown..i realise that turning 30 for me meant becoming a wife, becoming a mother and through those experiences change although unexpected is totally accepted now.

For me  becoming a mummy didn't just mean having a child. I became a new version of me through becoming a mum and finally i like that new person in the mirror.


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