3 hours

3 hours..thats all i get per day with my baby girl since i started working full time.
Yes i sat and actually counted it out.
I found myself almost jogging home from work to make it home faster.
I make excuses to delay her bedtime.
I want to squeeze every minute from what ive got.
I work as a teacher in Scandinavia so i know, for sure, my hours are really great in comparison to the average mummy  , and yet still...

When i leave in the morning she is asleep.
When im done working,  we make dinner together  (maximising our time together), most of the time she is in her highchair with mini pots and pans, tasting the food mummy is putting together whilst skyping grandma or grandma, both a continent away.

Once yumyums are ready..its dinner, bathtime and then its 8pm! She has to go to sleep.

The only variations that occur are at times. .we HAVE to watch mickeys play house before bathtime because the Hot Dog dance is good for the Soul.

At times we also skype whilst shes in the bath so she can splish splash a little longer.

And then she sleeps.

Never mind that i have 100+ unanswered emails, 3 unheard voice mails f, friends i neglect, birthdays ive missed. My time in the day isnt enough.

I cant believe in an entire day i spend nurturing and teaching other children i give my daughter 3 hours of my presence and focus.


  1. There's a movement of parents who are putting their foot down and saying no. Many *fixar och trixar* to create a schedule that allows more time with the children. Many give up some luxuries to be able to do so. This Saturday there is an event on Mynttorget for and by parents who are saying YES to the family. You are welcome to join. Good luck and enjoy those hugs and kisses. :D

    1. Thanks for reading and replying.. i would love to attend the event.. will def look it up! xx

  2. https://www.facebook.com/events/802137826491019/


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