The Refugees: What Happens Next?

I have neglected the blog for a while..
new job,
new daycare,
lots of emotions and i havent made time to empty my head of words
lots of half composed texts running through my mind from..
when she turned two
when she hung out with the grandparents and cousins this summer
when we started daycare and were royally ignored

but all of that will have to keep swimming in my head because this one post has to be written now..
its about migrants..refugees..
The people that Sweden is welcoming
everyday they arrive and I see the general population mobilizing,
putting their best foot forward
people spending their time, money and energy to translate, welcome, alleviate
some the suffering from these refugees

I've been reading and keeping up to date,
once more my jaw hitting the ground,
I guess some peoples pain hit us harder because migrants dying from the African continent rarely get this much understanding let alone discussion
but thats not the reason why I write

I write because I still haven't seen The Plan
perhaps I just haven't found it and its out there..
i dont mean how these 120,000 will be split across the EU,
I mean how will they integrate society..
What is The Plan
i'm still waiting to hear from the powers at be that they have consulted with the kommuns and the cities..
that they have checked where there is housing and health
where jobs are to be found and schools with room for more
i am listening for the plan on regrouping and supporting in finding family members
for centers where psychological support will be available
for discussions about curriculums there and how they children will bridge the gap BEFORE they are placed in Swedish schools

I wonder if someone knows where everyone is going
as they board trains and move on from capital city to newer cities
do they know how many engineers, artists and nurses are walking through those borders and where can we use their skills..

I can't find anything
instead i hear about their poverty not their capabilities
their right to live here permanently, when really, what do we know about what they actually want?
have we asked?
I hear about children arriving and then vanishing in city centers and I pray..
i hear of childrens homes , where some are placed receiving hate mail and abuse
beneath the exterior of kindness and acceptance
is an underlying discourse of otherness left unsaid

I know this country is capable of so much good,
when disaster strikes anywhere in the world the Swedish expertise and professionals are welcomed with open arms
where are those people now

I never underestimate our willingness and capacity to do good ,
but when i spend one Saturday volunteering , i go home and that person is still here..
without a system ..what happens next..
when the next bandwagon comes along..
what happens next..
in five years when these children are struggling in schools
what happens next
society's fabric of integration is currently being ripped and Sweden knows it hasn't got that right yet
Are they planning for what happens next?

I am still listening out for the young people and children's perspective
but I guess its a voice that's rarely heard in post conflict situations,..
at this point i would like to hear any voice that could simply tell me
What will happen Next


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