Feeling beautiful

So,i started running three weeks ago..
I was so proud as this was literally the first form of exercise id done and maintained for forever   ...

Before I had a baby, i couldn't have cared less.

Ive always been curvy but i think i went out dancing so often  that it took care of the workout element in my lifestyle..

I had my lil girl via c section  pretty much 2 years ago and ive felt so guilty for being chubby and round..or i should say for not being like i was pre-pregnancy..
For having a round- beer -belly- look- alike even though i don't drink..
It constantly bothered me..

I see mummies  literally everywhere  with 2, 3 kids looking fantastically muscular and plain ole gorgeous!
I know some worked their asses off and others just have that awesome  genetic predesposition or metabolism that allows them to be trim and slim and baby belly free...

So i kept aiming to work out and then i finally made it! It felt good to be catching up..

And then i met my brothers new girlfriend..
Shes totally curvy and round. .and absolutely gorgeous too..
I scrolled on her instagram and saw the most confident and stunning  little person I've seen in a while..
Picture after picture
You could see..she felt beautiful.
She made me remember that i was that carefree once..
I realised  that yes, i may be running  but no, i should not be ashamed to have put on weight  because i carried a human being inside me.

I was blessed to be that vessel. .
That my body and organs had to make space for another little being is still quite amazing to me..

To expect my body to simply return to origin is just crazy..
Why did i feel that way
Why does anyone expect us to anyway..

I literally looked at my belly the other day and laughed ..
I have never measured my beauty based on others standards
There is absolutely no reason to start now..

There are some many gorgeous people out there who don't feel beautiful and I didn't even realise i was one of them..

People who haven't seen me for a while often said "oh you will be back to your old self soon..just wait till the baby phase is over"

I guess i believed  in those voices..
But really to return to life before my baby is to dull out the shine in my life.

Mummyhood is everything
Its her smile
Its my scar
Its us three..a family
It those lines across my hips
Its the way i see whats in her mind
And love every silly dance
Its my  little belly

When she's 18 and travelling far from me ..
My body will remind me of the brief moment in our lives when we were literally, one.
I will touch my scar and know..thats were i let her go .

Enjoy the photo, thick tighs, belly, no makeup, crazy face and all :D
No Filter..
the New ME :D


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