The response to that Post..

So my last blog post about finding a job in Sweden has now been spread further than I could ever have anticipated..
I put my opinions out there and let people have theirs.
I chose not to defend or comment at all but instead to listen
The response to my post has left me thinking again,

But first let me summarize them:
There were three types of responses
1, I got a lot of private messages, about how brave I was and that’s always nice

2, I got messages and comments from people saying that they identified with my experience.
This group of people were diverse..
Swedish people identified with it, those who were ethnic minorities in particular
Non Swedes in Sweden identified with it
Swedish people who didn’t have Swedish as a Mother tongue Identified with it
Many, Many, women of African heritage, in Sweden and abroad, identified with it

What really touched me, was that it wasn’t the ‘expat’ or recent migrants like me that were in the majority..
It was primarily the Afroswedish community.

3,The third group were just in shock,
they were surprised,
they couldn’t comprehend how this could be happening in Sweden.
perhaps its because my Swedish language skills wasn’t so good’
‘perhaps I didn’t have the sufficient qualifications’
‘perhaps I didn’t have Swedish qualifications’

For me the above is indicative of what I see reflected in society

That people in general can relate to my experiences, regardless of skin-color, is of no surprise,
That a section of Swedish People , in their own country are experiencing this is something else.

We are in Flux,
Politics and Society are in a game of tug and war to define what the ‘soul’ of this society will look like

Self preservation is now at risk when new players take their place; namely the Refugee situation and the Rising presence of the AfroSwedish population

I honestly feel we are split down the middle

we have people feeling they are being discriminated against, whilst they are not
people who feel they are inclusive, whilst they are not
people discriminating whilst empowering
and we have others who simple dont care to join the fray

It might get worse before it gets better,
But something is happening..isnt that better than nothing..?

I’ll just share one last point with you
On the nyheter website where my blog was published, they had this little tool where people could click whether they agreed with my article or not..
This is what it looked like

“Håller du med
The first hour : 18 röster JA 15 röster NEJ
The second day: 33 röster JA 29 röster NEJ
On Friday: 67 röster JA 62 röster NEJ
Today: 98 röster JA 95 röster NEJ
Think about that..


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