All Grown Up

My baby turns three in September.
I need to stop calling her baby really..
In a thousand different ways she makes it clear to me that she is no longer a baby.

Through her intelligence, decisions and speech ,i know my girl is claiming a whole lot more independence from mummy.

She makes remarks that begin with "i think.."or "maybeIt reminds me that her mind has become more complex and developed  than the baby i remember and feel in my heart.

She not only tells me that "ella is not a baby,ella is a big girl"  she shows me too,
She dresses herself
Moisturizes her skin,
She wants to read the bedtime book to
She wants to wipe her own bum,
She decides how she wants her hair braided.

I hear it over and over "ella can do it by herself mummy" or my favorite when i offer her help she replies " no mummy,ella can help you!!"  ๐Ÿ˜Š

Last week hubby was working late so Ella and I got our carrot sticks and fruit as usual and hopped into my bed to watch a cartoon and sleep together. After the film ,I switched off the light and she asked me to take her to her room to sleep.
I was so startled by this request i sat up and asked her again, you want to sleep in your room?? Alone?? Without mummy ??

She said yes, climbed off our bed and went to her room happily.

Once i tucked her in her own bed and returned to my  room i could barely sleep processing this miracle that I have wished for since she was an infant... ,now its finally happening..and yet i was feeling sad! In fact i  was the one feeling alone.

Shes done it several times since and My husband came to ask me one night quietly,thinking we had argued ..."what did you say to her? Why Is she going her room " completely puzzled..
There is only one answer- shes all grown up and she wants her space too. 
Its amazingly mind boggling!!!!

This development as wonderful and fascinating as it may be has happened so fast my heart and mind have been left behind.
Im still surprised at her memory ,thoughts and abilities, 
I guess this is it...
The real point where the umbilical chord is cut
I realize that need that existed between us is fading fast, leaving only love behind

As a mummy it makes me a little sad to know she is too big for me to carry comfortably
But im enjoying new things too ...Conversations 
Development of her ideas
Role modelling ,more than ever
 building that self esteem
She talks about how strong she is which makes me proud
She also  finally notices the differences  between daddy and mummy and i catch myself having to be a better me as she models herself through me/us
Its rather early in the morning and she is snoring  lightly next to me , she just stretched ,yawned ,opened one eye and said to me "ella's tired " and went back to sleep ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿพ

 Ella and her aunty in Nice -France, a week before so many lost their lives in the very same spot.
we remember the global hurt and pray for peace.


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