He is 1

I haven’t managed a single blog post since baby number two came
I think that lets you all know how it is going.
It is a whirlwind this life,
an enjoyable, exhausting, hilarious messy ride.

but my baby is 1 and I just had to write,
I just had let you know that it is like we thought it would be.
He is the ying to her yang
everything my little girl taught me simply does not apply to this little man.

He is delightful, calm, mischievous, demanding, adorable and charming beyond belief.
He is the reason the phrase ‘momma’s boy’ exists.
His five little fingers so often seek out my skin for little caress
or claim my hand to hold possessively.

He is divine
He is the center of my daughter’s heart,
He is her baby, her darling, her Louis
She sings his name and kisses his little fingers, one by one
knock on wood, in his year alive, she hasn’t raised a voice once at him
I’m sure there is arguing to come but for now I watch them laugh and love and I am fulfilled

He has been sickly, he is tiny he is.. he is 1

My baby
My little boy
You have given me strength and calm
I don’t feel that anxiety somehow it has all melted away
With his deep deep rich cocoa skin, he is beauty

I know I boast but they are my riches; this little girl, this little boy
I lay claim because my body molded such beings into our lives
I am thankful , so thankful
He is 1.


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