Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace has been a staple in our house since my girl was 1
she was too young but i got it from the library anyway.
its partly because I love the story but also because I read it as a girl.
Back then I was mesmerized by the book because the illustration of Grace was based on a friend of mine in The Gambia.
For me the adventures became real because the person was real.
So here we are over 20 years after and I was so pleased to find Grace in the library in Stockholm Sweden so I could introduce her to my little ones.

This book is illustrated beautifully and it deals with two issues that my girl will relate to:
- worrying that she isn’t good enough because she is a girl

- worrying that she isn’t good enough because her skin is brown

I love that the issues are there, plain in sight for the reader to address.
The mothers’ face and the grandmas approach are the illustration of my worry for my children most days.

The story has a happy ending,
focus on practice,
work hard
believe in yourself
be the best you want to be

We always cheer for Grace loudly at the end of the book and my daughters face lights up as I bow at the end
( I must admit i read rather actively with a little theater involved lol)

So I continue to recommend this book,
as a conversation starter,
as a tool,
as a fun story to share.
We love you Grace


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