Hi, My name is Emily

It's only been a few months and I have already learnt and shared so much with you all,
I love receiving your comments and questions,
I love feeling connected to a world around a shared purpose.

I realize most of you are curious about me and so I thought I would do a little introduction this week;

 Hi, I'm Emily

I am not a child psychologist ha!
😉 ( the most asked question so far)
In fact there are many things that I am not,
so, I think it may be best to go the other way around.

am a mother,

I am obsessed with parenting and nurturing, not just my children but our collective global, social family.

I am exhausted, most of the time. Like so many #momentrepreneurs globally, driving our own movement. 

I am working almost full-time, studying part-time, starting my own business, on top of general family and household stuff 

I am an academic. I have studied ancient history, social anthropology, education and international development. I am currently doing my PhD on diversity in children's literature too. I took my concerns and obsessions and made them the focus of my research.

I am multilingual, so I love your questions even when not in English. French, Wolof, Spanish and Swedish are good for now, the rest I google translate 

I am new to this. Before having children of my own, my experience with parenting ended within the classroom walls (as a teacher and TA) and maybe helping with family members but it is not the same. Instead I worked more with accessing education from a development point of view.

I am writing children's book's! ha, ok you knew that already, but I still surprise myself when I think about 
it to be perfectly honest. I have zero aspirations to be a world-famous author or anything remotely close. I simply want to do my little bit to stimulate the industry and perhaps inspire much more talented people to get involved, take space and shine.

I live in Sweden.  I know it's often assumed that because I write in English, I'm in the states or the UK. But no, and that is why my books will be bilingual English -Swedish. 

I am a Marvel all out nerd! Yes, I feel you need to know a little fun fact about me too before I end this post 😃😃😃..I am that person in the cinema at every Marvel film being very noisy, commenting and potentially clapping at every scene😆. I went a little bananas at the recent Black Panther premier, I must admit. But it was truly epic and you can read my review here.

Right that's it. Hopefully curiosities have been satisfied and we can go on to book loving and recommendations. 

I have one favor to ask, actually two...  
1. Always feel free to comment or send me messages on my Facebook, Instagram, twitter or right here in the blog
2. Share! Tag a friend, share the page, tweet it...do whatever you do.
Let's grow this network together. 



I love this quote right here, together with the love of my children. it was the only motivation I needed to jump head first. still falling.

I will let you know how it feels when I land!


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